Africompassion School of Hope NGO Campaign Case Study

Project Title and Brief Overview

Africompassion School of Hope NGO Campaign - A collaborative project where our team created a logo and a comprehensive brand guidelines book for the inauguration of the Africompassion School of Hope in Tanzania. The goal was to establish a strong brand identity and raise donations through impactful social media posts.

Tools Used in Project

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Project Objective / Challenge

The objective was to create a cohesive brand identity for the NGO's inauguration event, focusing on the logo and brand guidelines. The challenge was to effectively communicate the NGO's mission and values through compelling visuals and messaging.

About the Project

The Africompassion School of Hope NGO Campaign aimed to generate awareness and support for the newly inaugurated school in Tanzania. Our team collaborated to design a brand that aligns with the NGO's mission and goals.

The Process for Creating the Project

Our team brainstormed ideas, conceptualized designs, and iterated based on feedback. We used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the logo and the brand guidelines book, ensuring all elements were visually cohesive and aligned with the NGO's mission.

Project in Detail / Deliverable

Deliverables included a finalized logo, a comprehensive brand guidelines book, and visually compelling social media posts to promote the Africompassion School of Hope and raise donations.