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Retail Installation Case Study

Feature Image

Retail Installation is a project focused on designing and implementing interactive installations for retail stores to enhance customer engagement and brand experience. It has 3 stations - Interactive Catalogue, Rotating Station and Touchscreen Ordering Station. Below is the Demo Video for all stations.

Role, Project Specifications, and Deliverables


As the User Interface designer, my role involved creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for the interactive installations. Creating promotional videos too.

Project Specifications

  • Design and implement interactive installations
  • Create user-friendly interfaces
  • Make Promotional Videos
  • Click Images for all products


  • Collection Screens
  • Coding for all screens
  • Product Highlight Screens
  • Screen Saver Videos
  • Brand Logo
  • Inactivity Warning

Branding Overview

The visual design of the Retail Installation project was established to align with the brand identity of each retail store. This included using brand colors, fonts, and imagery to create cohesive and immersive experiences for customers. Screenshots of app interface elements and layouts were used to showcase how the brand was extended to various elements of each app and media asset.

App Screenshot 1 App Screenshot 2 App Screenshot 3

Hand Drawn Sketches and Diagrams

Hand-drawn sketches and diagrams were used to envision the user experience of the interactive installations. These sketches and diagrams helped in visualizing the layout, user interactions, and flow of the installations before implementing them.

Hand Drawn Sketch 1 Hand Drawn Sketch 2 Hand Drawn Sketch 3